Rosewood Collection - The Complete Series #717178

di Sue Mydliak

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All three books in Sue Mydliak's 'Rosewood' series, now available in one volume!
Birthright: Candra Rosewood wants revenge for her parents' death, but her plans take a sudden turn when she falls for the vampire Kane Smith, who wants the lovely Miss Rosewood for his human servant. Marking her to be his, Candra's life will never be the same again. But in Utica, Illinois, secrets lie deep within the Rosewood family. What is the mysterious locket she found, and what happened in 1817 that changed the life of the Rosewoods?
The Legacy: Candra’s life has been changed by the one person she always felt safe with. Learning of who she truly is, she must face a life of danger from her very family. Determined to end those who wish her dead, she sets out in search of them only to meet up with the powerful demon Lazar, who has his own agenda. Legacy is about family, loyalty and trust. But when all you've ever known is lies, how can you trust again?
Kane: Kane has a well paid job, friends, a home and a beautiful girlfriend. Little does he know that all this will be taken away from him. With every passing year, Kane’s thirst for revenge grows stronger. Living off the blood of others, he tries to cope being what others only fantasize of. But his life isn't just a story - it's real. After he meets the Rosewood family, his life takes on a new meaning. But will he have the strength he needs to let go of the past?
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