Gears of Destiny - A Steampunk Novel Collection #712700

di R.A. Fisher, M.J. Sewall, Richard M. Ankers

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A collection of three steampunk novels by Richard M. Ankers, R.A. Fisher & M.J. Sewall, now available in one volume!
Britannia Unleashed: In a twisted version of Victorian Britain, where heroes abound and tales intertwine, the mighty realm of Britannia faces a dire threat. An ancient evil conspires to bring the empire to its knees and dethrone Queen Victoria. Amidst the turmoil, Sir Belvedere Magnanimous Wainthrop, a disillusioned knight known as the Lion of Britannia, emerges as the reluctant hero. Determined to restore glory to his beloved empire, he embarks on a perilous journey through time and space. Joined by a diverse group of allies, they traverse mystical Himalayan landscapes, hidden depths of subterranean London, and the very heart of Buckingham Palace. Yet, as destiny tests their mettle, they must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. Will their combined efforts be enough to save Britannia from impending doom?
The Kalis Experiments: Syrina is a Kalis, excelling in deception, assassination, and espionage. When her master presents her with an unexpected gift, Syrina's instincts tell her that there is more to it than meets the eye. Aware that the High Merchants' Syndicate always has ulterior motives, she delves deeper into her investigation, only to uncover an unsettling secret. Syrina follows the trail to the bustling, steam-powered city of Fom, which is rife with secrets. Soon, she's faced with a difficult choice: avert catastrophe, or seek vengeance?
Dream of Empty Crowns: Young Gordon's life changes when he is unexpectedly chosen as the new king. However, instead of a joyous occasion, his selection triggers a dangerous chain of events. The ruthless Firstcouncillor Trunculin is determined to capture and eliminate Gordon, and seize power for himself. The young king must navigate a treacherous path, evading airships and the very soldiers sworn to protect him. Assisted by the healer Loren and the fearless warrior Aline, he must summon all his courage and resourcefulness to save himself and his kingdom from impending doom.
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R.A. Fisher, M.J. Sewall, Richard M. Ankers