Fall of the Swords Collection - The Complete Series #708100

di Scott Michael Decker

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All four books in 'Fall Of The Swords', a series of fantasy novels by Scott Michael Decker, now in one volume!

The Peasant: Following a civil war, an empire grapples with the devastating fallout. His conscience heavy, Peasant General Guarding Bear wants to usurp the tyrannical emperor’s throne. But the general’s rivals continue to play games, seeking to avenge their name and reclaim the Northern Imperial Sword. With his reign threatened and no progeny to his name, the Emperor plots to conceive an heir by stealth. Soon, Guarding Bear enters a world of deception, smoke and mirrors, and must decide where his loyalties lie.

The Bandit: Tired of lying in wait, the exiled Noble Bandit seizes his chance at revenge. Meanwhile, as the birth of the Royal Twins nears, Peasant General Guarding Bear is repatriated by the Emperor. Fearing for the safety of his heirs, the emperor orders the general to lay siege to his enemy’s fortress. In preparation, the general recruits the aid of a powerful wizard and a skilled young healer – but none of them suspects a traitor in their midst. As loyalties are tested and new alliances made, who will rise above and claim victory as their own?

The Heir: The future of the Empire hangs in the balance. Separated from birth, the Royal Twins have been raised in opposite corners of the empire. Meanwhile, bandits continue to lay waste to the kingdom in their attempt to force the Emperor to relinquish the Northern Imperial Sword. Among them is the Noble Bandit, nemesis of Peasant General Guarding Bear. Tasked with rearing one of the twins, the Peasant General wastes no time in preparing the boy for his destiny of ridding the kingdom of the bandits once and for all. But long-kept secrets are brought to life as the Heir is mistaken for his long-lost brother, and his new rival declares himself Emperor of the northern lands. Their path leads them towards a final confrontation that will forever change the fate of the realm.

The Emperor: Seeking Sword looks to the south for only one thing: The Northern Imperial Sword, which now lies dormant in the vaults of the Eastern Empire. Without it, Seeking Sword will always be a bandit. And to get it, he'll have to defeat the Heir. Abandoned to bandits as an infant, Seeking Sword has known adversity, but nothing has prepared him to lead a campaign against such an adversary. It isn't the Heir's formidable fighting skills nor his tactical acumen that so dismays the bandit Emperor. It's the beloved devotion of his people.
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