Enchanted Australia Collection - The Complete Series #708099

di Gillian Polack

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All three books in Gillian Polack's 'Enchanted Australia' series of contemporary fantasy novels, now in one volume!

The Time Of The Ghosts: Ghosts trail after us. They are our fears and the shape of our hates. Poltergeists and the spirits of drowned girls; malicious presences and portents; cat vampires and roaming bushrangers. These ghosts haunt Canberra, and it takes four women, one cup of tea at a time, to face them. But can they take down the darkness and keep the city streets clear of danger?

The Wizardry Of Jewish Women: Pink tutus, magic, sarcasm, amulets and bushfires: this is suburban fantasy in Australia. Judith and Rhonda are haunted, Judith by her past and Rhonda by her gift. Will they ever come into the sunshine and find happiness?

The Art Of Effective Dreaming: Fay invented a world of fantasy where she could dwell in happiness. Visiting her friends in this perfect world, she shaped their lives, her dreams a flicker away from reality. After Gilbert turns up in her refuge, undesigned, unheralded, and disturbing, Fay's dream world shatters. But are her dreams really dreams, and should she leave her friends behind and live in the real world?
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