The researches of the University of Pisa in the field of the effects of climate change - Proceedings of a Conference Held in Pisa on December 6, 2019 #422609

di AA.VV.

Pisa University Press

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The University of Pisa is internationally renowned for its high quality teach­ing, research, and innovation. Several research groups are actively involved in climate research – from fundamental climate science and its effects on our biophysical environment, to sanitary, societal, economic, political, legal and technological impacts and responses. Recently, CIRSEC, the Centre for Climate Change Impact, was founded at the University of Pisa. About 100 scientists actively participate to CIRSEC interdisciplinary activities, and a first opportunity for them to gather together, interact with networking opportunities and focus on a variety of advanced research topics was represented by an ad hoc meeting organized in Pisa on December 6, 2019. Thirty six lectures were offered, covering literally topics from A (allergy, Anthropocene) to Z (zoono­sis). All the speakers were scientists of the University of Pisa, belonging to 12 departments. Taken together more than 150 authors (many of them young) were involved.
All the oral communications have been collected in the present volume, which represents the state of the art of the activity of the research community of the Pisa University in the field of the effects of climate change.
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