We Are The Bad Guys. The Evil Is Already In You: Consciously Changing Yourself Is One The Tasks #709231

di Davide Appi


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We are the bad guys. The evil is already in you How many times do we promise ourselves not to make the same mistakes again, not to react abruptly, but then at the first opportunity we reproduce the same deleterious behaviour again, which harms the relationship with those around us and the people we interact with every day? How many times in our daily lives do we behave irrationally, getting angry, and frightened in objectively uncompromising situations? How many times do we let our emotional memory, i.e. our past, make us react to the situation of the moment when clearly the circumstance of now has nothing to do with what happened to us a long time ago? We probably all experience these dilemmas, which is why inner work on oneself is fundamental, so that we are truly free to choose according to our real needs of the moment, and stop being victims at the mercy of the 'conditioning chain' formed by the thoughts-past-emotions complex. Making the right choices, without them being dictated solely by reason or conditioned solely by completely unconscious and automatic emotional impulses, is an important part of our journey of awakening. It is difficult to change oneself, one's own debilitating emotional reactions, one's own negativity, and one's own unconscious conflictuality, which constitute the 'bad' side within each of us. Consciously changing oneself is one of the most difficult tasks, yet it is an indispensable stage in our personal transformation; it is an arduous task, but we must not be discouraged by the difficulty of the manoeuvre; on the contrary, it is precisely the difficulties that make us grow. This is why changing ourselves is vital to transforming the world, and true revolution can only start with a profound inner change. We must recognise that in us we have both good and evil, it is up to us to choose which path to take and which side of the coin to pursue. We can decide, in every moment of our lives, whether to be on the right side to uplift ourselves and society, or to give in to our baser instincts, turning our lives and consequently the very world we live in into a perpetual earthly hell. The choice is ours. It is already within us.

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