The Success System that never fails - (ORIGINAL UNABRIDGED EDITION) #712973

di W. Clement Stone


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As You Read This Book Something Wonderful Will Begin to Happen!
What do you want most out of life? Recognition? Money? Health? Happiness? Prestige? Love?
All these things can be yours if you follow just a few simple rules and put a revolutionary new formula to work.
You Will Begin to Awaken the latent Potential Within YOU!
How successful you are — in any of your desires — is simply a matter of the right mental attitude and the easy-to-follow principles in this book. Within these pages is an amazing new concept that shows how success can be reduced to a formula —
To a Success  System That Never Fails!
"A small drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions... think," wrote Byron in Don Juan. And foremost in the thoughts of these millions has been the search for success in their personal, family and business lives.
Today, right at this moment, in every part of the world, there are those who wonder what they can do to get further along toward some shining goal, and to their own self-improvement.
Many will snatch a secret from the depths of their hearts and souls that will drive them on to high achievement. But most of them will continue to wonder… dream… and wish. And then one day they will awaken with a shock to find themselves standing in the same spot at which they dreamed as young men. But now they have lost their dreams and they wonder why.
Everyone Wants Something
No matter what it is: money, position, prestige… some special achievement… the opportunity to be of service to his fellowmen…  love, a happy marriage and happy home. Everyone yearns for some kind of fulfillment — success in some form. To be happy… to be healthy… to be wealthy… and to experience the true riches of life — these are universal desires. And it's these inner urges which inspire us to action.
You and I are no exception. And you have the same opportunities as other men and women in high or low places, to succeed or to fail… in this land of unlimited opportunity where many have brought their good desires into reality — and where others have fallen into the wayside of life.
Why does one man succeed and another fail? There is an answer. And it will be found in this book.
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