The Magnificent Life #619574

di Anthony Norvell

David De Angelis

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There is a constant and impelling urge within man to find the Magnificent Life. This inner urge colors his emotions and his every experience. It causes him to search far and wide for the Good, the Beautiful, the Opulent, the Creative and inspiring forces of life.
The Philosophy of the Magnificent Life is one admirably adapted to the crying needs of this age of Materiality. On all sides war, confusion, chaos and destruction greet man. The future of civilization hangs precariously in the balance; nations are tottering on the brink of disaster; atom bombs threaten to obliterate all that man has achieved.
It is in such bleak times that the soul of man cries loudest in the Stygian darkness; then that the inner promptings cause man to look to the spiritual dawning for the light that announces the New Age. It is then that the Magnificence Inherent in man rises to meet the challenge of obliteration; then that he is prompted by the divinity within to find new hope and courage; to tackle anew the problems which engulf him, and to leave for posterity another brilliant page of achievement in his historic rise from the dismal, miasmic swamps of life.
This book traces the spectacular ascent of man's struggling soul to find the light. It is particularly fitting that man's final epitaph should be termed 'Magnificent' for in his rise upward from the primordial forces that have always threatened him with extinction, there is something of greatness in his deeds, and something exalted in his aspirations. His climb has been marked by splendid achievements, and he has lavished upon the elements of which his life consists the prodigal talents which he has wrested from the womb of time itself.
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David De Angelis
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Anthony Norvell