The God Plan - Daily Inspiration for Victory Over the Scales #656998

di Deborah C Crocker

Deborah C. Crocker

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Are you struggling with weight loss? Are you struggling with your walk with God?

God wants you to be healthy.

"Most of my life has been weight gain, weight loss, and weight gained again, getting bigger with each failed diet, reaching 241 pounds. What brought the miracle that changed my life was a defeated cry of desperation before God. This cry of defeat was the key to my victory." In the must-read devotional, The God Plan, Deborah C. Crocker offers daily inspiration for anyone who knows the challenge of losing weight, and who is finally ready to overcome their seemingly never-ending battle with food addiction. Complete with 80 heartfelt devotions, Deborah shares her candid conversations with God as He guides her (and all of us) into submission to His ways. Seeking and following God's directions, Deborah has lost over 90 pounds, and now experiences a freedom she never thought was possible. You too can have victory over the scales. Your journey to deliverance begins today.

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Deborah C Crocker