THE BUTEYKO METHOD (Translated) - The secret of controlled breathing for health, well-being and vitality #819977

di Konstantin Buteyko


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Konstantin Buteyko's seminal work, "The Buteyko Method," delves into the revolutionary approach of controlled breathing to improve health, well-being, and vitality. This book compiles a comprehensive framework on how the Deliberate Voluntary Breathing Method (DVBM) can be applied to treat various chronic conditions, notably diabetes mellitus and bronchial asthma, among others. The text not only outlines the theoretical underpinnings of the method but also provides practical guidance on its implementation.
**Contents Overview:**
1. **The Theory of the Pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus**: Buteyko begins by exploring the origins and development of diabetes mellitus, setting the stage for understanding how controlled breathing can impact this chronic disease.
2. **Basic Principles of Hormone Therapy**: The book details the foundational principles of integrating hormone therapy with DVBM, highlighting the synergy between hormonal balance and breathing techniques.
3. **DVBM for the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus**: This section provides a specific approach to using DVBM in the treatment of diabetes, supported by clinical evidence and case studies.
4. **The Specific Approach to Supervising Patients Using DVBM**: Guidance on monitoring and adjusting the treatment protocol ensures that practitioners can effectively support their patients throughout the therapy.
5. **Prescriptions and Contraindications in Relation to DVBM**: Critical considerations for safely implementing DVBM are discussed, including potential risks and necessary precautions.
6. **K. P. Buteyko's Comments on Professor M. I. Anochin’s Report**: Buteyko provides a critical analysis of contemporary research, emphasizing the validity and efficacy of DVBM.
7. **Theory and Practice of DVBM**: A detailed exposition of how DVBM integrates into clinical practice, supported by theoretical and empirical evidence.
8. **Physical Factors in the Treatment of DVBM**: This chapter discusses the role of physical therapy, environmental adjustments, and lifestyle factors in enhancing the effectiveness of DVBM.
9. **Water Procedures, Temperature, Sauna, and Barefoot**: The therapeutic use of water, heat, and physical grounding techniques are explored as adjunctive treatments.
10. **Limiting Lung Ventilation by Mechanical Means, Massage, and Self-Massage**: Techniques for physically aiding the breathing process and enhancing relaxation are detailed.
11. **Sealing the Mouth**: A technique emphasized within DVBM to train the body for nasal breathing and enhance lung capacity.
12. **Using DVBM to Treat Patients with Chronic Focused Infections**: Applications of DVBM in treating chronic infections provide a broader scope of the method's efficacy.
13. **Common Errors Observed in the Use of DVBM**: This section helps practitioners avoid common pitfalls and optimize treatment outcomes.
14. **Characteristics of DVBM Use in Children**: Specific considerations for applying DVBM to pediatric cases are discussed.
15. **The Principles of Tactics in the Use of DVBM, Symptom Dynamics**: Tactical approaches to using DVBM effectively in different populations, along with expected symptom dynamics.
16. **Use of DVBM to Restore Menstruation, in Gynecology**: Expanding the application of DVBM to treat gynecological issues.
17. **Official Order on Measures to Implement DVBM for Asthma Treatment**: A governmental perspective on adopting DVBM in public health protocols.
18. **The Ventilation Test for Asthma Patients**: Diagnostic approaches to assessing and planning DVBM treatment for asthma.
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