The Autoimmune Diet #815951

di Ronald Ritter

Ronald Ritter

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Join me on a decade-long journey, originating from a quaint hilltop town in Italy, where I discovered a diet and lifestyle that not only would sustain me, but allow me to thrive, propelling me into my late nineties.
This narrative delves into the challenges of maintaining optimal health, amidst a society riddled with poor food and beverage choices, and rampant environmental pollution.
It is a tale of necessary transformation, in the face of these adversities.
Despite the grim backdrop, there's a glimmer of hope, as organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization) offer invaluable guidance on nutrition, alcohol consumption, processed meats, and chemical exposure.
At its core, this philosophy serves as a blueprint for crafting a new healthy existence.
This isn't about weight loss; rather it's about achieving a natural sustainable body weight, fortified by wholesome foods and targeted exercise, to shield against autoimmune diseases and cancers.
To break free from the shackles of damaging habits and addictions, I've revived a technique imparted to me by a Buddhist monk during my journey to Kathmandu in 1971.
Additionally, a chapter on meditation offers a daily thirty-minute practice to gradually dissolve entrenched behaviours.
With unwavering love for humanity, this book serves as a beacon for embracing a simpler healthier lifestyle, a foundation upon which future generations can thrive.
Let's step forward on this transformative journey together, starting a holistic approach to a healthy thriving lifestyle.
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