The Authentic Alkaline Diet Guide - Your Comprehensive Guide to Weight Loss, Burn Fat, Increase Your Energy And Prevent Cancer with a 30 Days Meal Plan #683016

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sara craig

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How would you like to be on a diet that helps you prevent yourself from diseases and also remain healthy?

Because health begins at the cellular stage, every part of our body is affected. Take a look at these statistics, and you would notice that Something terrible is happening with Our Health:

Heart disease is the #1 killer and deadliest disease in America
Cancer - 30% of Americans live with it
Stroke is the number 3 killer on the list
Alzheimer's - 40% out 85 are suffering from this
Diabetes rate increased by over 600% in the last generation
Over 40 million Americans suffer from Osteoporosis or Arthritis

This isn't supposed to be a normal part of aging.

We have to get up and take full responsibility by quitting our reliance on pills, quick fixes, and surgery. And guess what - it's not difficult if you are just starting.

A healthy change in lifestyle can lead to the transformation of your life in more ways than you can be thankful for, once you have been ill. There is a great feeling of being vibrant and healthy. All these are possible with a strong start. Take the time to do it right. Eat healthy foods. Take quality natural supplements to help.

We've searched the planet for the best way to alkalize your body. Decide to get and stay healthy right now. We've assembled a complete step by step system that will have you feeling full of energy the way nature intended.

New research has validated the basics behind these principles:

First research shows that such as diet and lifestyle habits contribute significantly to an overly acidic system,

And secondly, That an extremely acidic system is brought about by the development of the disease. The Signs & symptoms of an acidic body include weight gain, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),  diabetes, cardiovascular damage, which consists of the narrowing of blood vessels, premature aging, the lowering of oxygen, kidney and bladder conditions which includes immune deficiency, kidney stones, increase in the speed of radical damage, which possibly contributes to joint pains, cancerous mutations, lactic acid buildups, and aching muscles.

Low energy, headaches,  chronic fatigue, sinus problems,  colds, irritability, and flu are other symptoms of an extremely acidic body.

pH balance is so essential

The book: "The Authentic Alkaline Diet Guide: Your Comprehensive Guide To Weight Loss, Burn Fat, Increase Your Energy And Prevent Cancer With A 30 Days Meal Plan" is your ultimate guide to lose weight and prevent diseases.

Here is what you will discover in this book:
Comprehensive insight into alkaline and balancing your pH
The 80/20 principle
30 days meal plan to get you started
Healthy recipes to keep you in perfect shape

Who is this book for?:
Anyone who wants to protect themselves from stroke and hypertension
Individual with cancer and kidney problems
Anyone that wants to live a healthy life from of diseases

Frequently asked questions
Can this book help in fighting against cancer?

Yes the book contains detailed information on how to prevent and fight cancer

It's also beneficial for preventing yourself from hypertension

How can I get this book?
You can get this book by scrolling up and clicking on the "Buy now with 1-click" button at the top of the page.
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