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The Power of One More - A Comprehensive Summary

You're just one deliberate thought and action away from living your best life.
Control refers to how much you believe you have command over your life, especially your emotions and sense of purpose. Your self-esteem might be considered the control component. The amount of your attention and dependability is defined by commitment. To score well on the Commitment scale, you must be able to create and execute goals regularly without becoming distracted. A high degree of commitment suggests that you're skilled at creating successful routines and habits. If you score low on the Commitment scale, you may find it challenging to develop and prioritize goals, as well as to adapt successful routines and habits. Other individuals or competing priorities may also easily distract you.
The Resilience portion of the Mental Toughness definition is represented by the Control and Commitment measures. This makes sense since being able to bounce back from failures necessitates a sense of control over one's life and the ability to make changes. It also necessitates concentration and the capacity to form habits and set goals that will help you return to your chosen route. This metric measures how motivated and flexible you are. A high Challenge score indicates that you are motivated to accomplish your own best and that you view difficulties, change, and adversity as opportunities rather than threats; you are also likely to be adaptable and flexible. If you score low on the Challenge scale, you may perceive change as a danger and avoid unusual or challenging circumstances for fear of failing.

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