Self-shiatsu and dō-in #583047

di Antoine De Novi


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The 21st century is the time at of the spiritual as well as that of the body. As Carl Gustav Jung beautifully put it, the body is the soul perceived by the five senses. The body can be defined thanks to its matter, its physical and visible structure, but also thanks to its invisible part or spirit, mind. The western world is slowly becoming more aware of the perception of the body while opening up to the concepts of energy and martial arts coming from Far East. The body/mind duality is not so present anymore. Experimenting with the body allows one to find deeper perspectives in the understanding of oneself. Yoga, qigong or Shiatsu, among other disciplines, will allow the western world to discover the wonderful powers of the human body and its capacity to self-heal. Antoine Di Novi, from his activity in his private practice, his interventions with local associations and the corporate world, will give you some of the keys and secrets of Self Shiatsu and Do in, that are considered as health methods in Japan. Do you want to improve your health, maintain your vitality and help your whole family feel better? Don’t wait any longer! Practicing shiatsu when you wake up will help you to boost your day. After lunch it will help you to have a better digestion, before going to bed to sleep better. And it will also help relieve muscular strains in the back, neck, shoulders and even stress-related tensions. Just follow Lian, Sakura, Antoine’s students, along with Koturi the bird and Kuma the bear. Exercise yourself at home or at work easily, thanks to Izumi Asano’s illustrations and Antoine’s instructions.
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