Secret of Healthy Hair Extract Part 2 - Your Complete Food & Lifestyle Guide for Healthy Hair #680874

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La Fonceur

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This book is an extract of the original book Secret of Healthy Hair by La Fonceur.

If you are seeking a permanent solution to your hair problems, then Secret of Healthy Hair Extract Part 2 is for you!

Hair problems are something that everyone experiences at some point. They can severely hurt one's self-confidence.What you eat, how you feel and how well you take care of your hair hugely affect your hair's health and growth. Different people have different hair problems, but what causes these problems? Why can't some people grow their hair after a certain length? How can you influence your hair's health and its growth rate? How can you get the smooth, shiny, and strong hair that you always dreamt about?

In Secret of Healthy Hair Extract Part 2, research scientist La Fonceur will address all of these questions. When you know what you are doing wrong, you can work on it. Working on the root cause instead of superficially hiding your hair's flaws gives a permanent lifelong solution to your hair problems. Additionally, this book includes some healthy recipes which promote hair growth.

So, are you ready to transform your hair into your most beautiful asset?
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