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di Anthony Norvell

David De Angelis

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Throughout history there have been great and illumined souls who have been able to use the power of their higher minds to perform seeming miracles. These men and women used a Cosmic Force which is in the universe and which anyone may use, when he once learns how to focus this higher power within his own mind.
There are stupendous miracles such as healing the sick; causing the blind to see; making the crippled walk, but these are not the only miracles with which we are concerned in this Metaphysical study.
There are the little, every-day miracles, which you may begin to perform immediately that relate to your health, to your work, to increasing your income, to finding happiness in love and marriage and to healing your mind of confusion, discord, and unhappiness, so that you may find inner peace and security.
You will learn in this study that you too may become a miracle-worker; that you may wave the mental wand of Faith and create out of the substance of your thoughts and inner dreams the concrete things that you desire in your life.
You may tap the power of this higher Cosmic Mind and create magnificent works, even as did the geniuses of the past who used this Miracle-working power. Beethoven used this higher mind within to create beautiful music, even though he was deaf; Edison tapped this power of the higher Cosmic Mind within and created over three hundred inventions, from the motion picture camera to the electric light bulb, which bless our lives today. Edison used the power which we shall study together, and there is no reason why YOU may not achieve greatness through this self-same Metaphysical power. Lincoln was a miracle-worker, and although a martyr, like Gandhi and John F. Kennedy, he brought the miracle of unity and greatness to a strife ridden nation.
J.P. Morgan was a financier and industrialist, but he used the Metaphysical Miracle power which we shall study together to build one of the great financial empires of all time. This miracle power is not dead today; it is still being used by men like Paul G. Getty and Howard Hughes, Ford and Rockefeller to create wealth that not only benefits the ones who create it, but also blesses the world through the public libraries they endow, the research foundations they create and the artistic gifts and treasures which they give to our great art galleries and museums.
The Miracles of Lourdes are well known, and I have stood in the sacred Grotto and I have seen the discarded crutches, wheel chairs and braces that the sick have left there when their miracles of healing came and they walked away healed by a miracle power that worked for them, but which does not seem to work for others.
The spectacular miracles that the Master Metaphysician Jesus performed, and which we see at places like Lourdes, are not the only evidences that this Metaphysical Miracle Power exists and may be tapped by ordinary mortals; there are other evidences in our own age that this power is alive today and may be used to heal millions of still unborn persons and to save the lives of hundreds of millions today. Salk used this higher Miracle Power to develop his vaccine for polio; Fleming developed penicillin through this higher intuitive mind; Mme. and M. Curie discovered radium by listening to the inner Cosmic Voice that guided them; and Pasteur certainly was a miracle-worker unequalled in history for the perception that caused him to perfect the use of vaccines in the treatment and prevention of disease.
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