Magic Quest: The Solitary Christian Mysticism Manual #672985

di Gideon Crusader

Gideon Crusader

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Magic Quest: The Solitary Christian Mysticism Manual reveals the path that you can take to practice Christian mysticism on your own and in the comfort of your home. Indeed, so many witches, wizards, and magical practitioners are now turning to Christ for a deeper and genuine spirituality. Now is your chance to join in this beautiful, magical, and divine universe. The way to Christ is the way of the heart and soul. And, yes, this is something that you can do right now, and it is something that can change your life forever. 

It is strongly suggested that you forget about everything that you think you know about Jesus Christ and Christianity. We are going to start from scratch, with a clean and undefiled slate. If you are wondering why the book teaches following Christ in a solitary way, the reason for this is that Jesus Christ is for all people, regardless of race and religion, and regardless of their personal circumstances in life. Christ is for all. And, yes, you can follow the Divine Master, Jesus Christ, on your own, even without being a member of any formal religious group. Christ is for all. Not to mention there are also many people these days who are discouraged because of the evils being done by their religion. It should be clarified that there is a big difference between religion and the real Jesus Christ. There is also a big difference between those who believe in Christ and those who actually and sincerely follow in the footsteps of the Divine Master. 

Magic Quest: The Solitary Christian Mysticism Manual is written in an easy-to-understand format, so that you can conveniently focus only on learning and applying all the teachings into your life. Anyone has the golden opportunity to follow Christ. Whether you are loyal to your religion or not, you can follow Christ, and this is something that you can do right now.

What about mysticism? Many people get intimidated when they encounter the term, mysticism, but that should not really be the case. In fact, some people say that we are all called to be a mystic. Mysticism is simply having a spiritual union with Christ. It is where we elevate our soul and unite it with the Divine. To me, this is a very profound way and an experience of Christ in our life. From this standpoint, indeed, we are called to be a mystic, for every creature must surrender to its Creator. 

Are you ready for a magical and spiritual adventure? Are you ready to elevate your soul and taste the presence of the Divine Master, Jesus Christ? If yes, then let me now welcome you into this world. Come, take a leap of faith, and you shall dance among the tremulous stars.
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