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If you had to describe your life's goal in one sentence, what would it be? For me, it is simple:
To learn how to love and accept myself unconditionally.
It is easy to get lost in the chaos of our everyday living. Even when we are consciously searching for our purpose and our identity, we often look to others to fill the void, answer our questions, or assuage our loneliness and our happiness. But the only true answers come from within. When we allow others to determine our worth and diminish our authenticity, we literally give away our most sacred power. The power of Self-determination. Once we acknowledge this pattern, our universe begins to shift. We transition from living in the land of “conditions” (both self-imposed and imposed by others) to living and loving ourselves unconditionally.
My journey to learning to Love Unconditionally took me on a bumpy road as I struggled to accept and love myself through loving someone with addictions, suicide attempts, mental illness, parenting, codependency, deaths, and forgiveness. I hope that my life lessons will help you rediscover your voice, your identity, and the ability to love yourself unconditionally, just like I did. Once we recognize our biggest challenge is establishing proper boundaries, accepting a new love within ourselves (and others) we realize that our worth is non-negotiable... with anyone. Rediscovering your identity can be frightening as you navigate the “unbecoming” of everything you knew or thought was in your relationships. I hope you live a truly happy life, always knowing YOU are enough for you.
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