How to control your Destiny #709377

di Anthony Norvell


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YOU CAN control your DESTINY and find the PATH to happy, healthy, successful living. 

YOU CAN direct your mental and physical energies into constructive and purposeful channels and a sense of the right VALUES in life. 

YOU CAN acquire an understanding of the basic mental, moral, and spiritual laws of life. 

In THIS book you will find a scientific METHOD for controlling your destiny. It has helped thousands of people find the path to happy, prosperous living. In my many years of lecturing in world-famous Carnegie Hall I have discovered a mental and spiritual FORMULA that has worked for countless others. I KNOW it will also work for you.

This FORMULA is not a cure-all, nor is it a mystical one that depends on supernatural powers. It is a scientific METHOD by which you may use the power of your mind to SHAPE the events of your life into a constructive and positive pattern of fulfillment and success.

There is a creative intelligence WITHIN your own mind; when you once learn HOW to tap this amazing power, you can rapidly CHANGE your environment and the circumstances of your life. 

YOU CAN can make of your life ANYTHING that you wish.

You are NOT a victim of circumstances; you are NOT a lowly creature subjected to the capricious and eroding forces of life. You are MORE than human; YOU possess a SPARK of DIVINITY that can cause you to RISE above afflictions and tribulations. Your body is earth-bound, but your thoughts may extend to the heavens above and be aware of the stars that crown the vestiges of civilization. 
YOU STAND between heaven and earth, God's highest form of creation. 

YOU CAN GUIDE your life into channels of security, peace, and abundance.
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