Hair Loss in Women Book - How any Woman Can Put an End To Hair Loss and Fast-track Hair Recovering #626496

di Dr. Cynthia Lucy Huberman

Dr. Cynthia Lucy Huberman

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Finally, the first complete and thoroughly researched book on women and hair loss is out!

In the United States alone, 21 million women have visible alopecia (hair loss), and 40 percent of ALL women in the United States have some form of hair loss. Hair loss is most frequent in peri- and postmenopausal women, although numerous drugs prescribed to women for a variety of medical issues are also linked to hair loss.

Sadly, both conventional media and social media depict hair as a defining feature of attractiveness. This is why women are impacted because baldness and hair loss might be viewed as unattractive or out of fashion. As a result, this condition has a negative impact on women's lives.

The goal of this book is to empower women who are experiencing hair loss by giving them all of the knowledge, treatment ideas, and grooming practices they need to overcome this condition that is affecting their self-esteem and confidence.

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