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di Kristy Jenkins

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According To WHO, 3 million deaths are caused just by alcohol consumption and 2.3 billion people are still current drinkers
The rising prevalence among the global population is the key driver of the global health and wellness market. There are many reasons people get addicted to drugs, but you must gain insight into what draws you towards your substance of choice.
Is it a means to cope with stress? Do drugs help numb you emotionally so you don’t have to feel emotional or physical pain? Are drugs a way to avoid responsibility, gain other’s approval or belong to a group?
Anyone that is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will benefit by going to rehab.
These areas include goals for your physical and emotional health, relationships, occupational and spiritual aspirations.
Rehab can help you understand where these boundaries get tangled up and show you ways to keep them healthy.
Addiction and COVID-19 fuel each other to cause a global public health threat!
The unique situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in various undesirable outcomes with respect to health and wellbeing.
Lockdown, isolation, loss of job, financial burden, stress, depression, anxiety, phobia and lastly availability of plenty of leisure time all together put forward a fertile field on which behavioral addictions start growing relentlessly.
Distressed person may take refuge in addictive substances, whichever is cheap and readily available to allay their negative feelings.
COVID-19 and addiction are the two pandemics which are on the verge of collision causing major public health threat.
While every effort must be taken to make the public aware of deleterious effects of SUD on COVID-19 prognosis, the resumption of deaddiction services and easier accessibility of prescription drugs are needs of the hour.
Substance abusers typically take too little responsibility for their life and behavior while friends and family take on too much responsibility.
It’s important that you peel back the layers of your behavior to understand what is behind your drug habits.
With that being said, let’s check out some facts here…
  • More than 23 million Americans have tried an Inhalant at least once in their lives.
  • Almost 8% of all 12th graders had used Hallucinogens at least once as of 2020
  • Americans between the ages of 18 to 25 use Cocaine more than any other age group.
  • About 15% of American men and about 13% of American women smoke cigarettes.
  • About 20% to 30% of people who take prescription Opioids misuse them.
Remember “The First Wealth Is Health”!!!
Nobody wants to live with Paranoia, Depression, Anxiety, Aggression, Hallucinations, and Unworthiness.
Long-term addiction can affect the ability to socialize and also end up hurting the people who love them the most.
The relational boundary that typically helps people navigate a healthy relationship is often distorted or unclear in families where there is an addictive pattern.
Thus, it can be very hard to break free from, and addiction can completely ruin a person’s life.
So, Goodbye Addiction better explains about:
  • How a person break-free from their habits and addictions?
  • How to build better lifestyle?
  • How to stop cravings and trigger points?
  • The benefits of addiction rehab centers.
  • Self-esteem, self-control, and determination as a sense of direction.
Improve Your Physical and Mental Health By Learning All The Secrets Of Goodbye Addiction!!
A comprehensive guide that will help your audience to learn how to break the addictive cycle to attain a more enriching lifestyle… As building new healthy habits and practices leads to a more successful existence!
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