THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS(Illustrated) #798838


Micheal Smith

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  • Illustrated Edition: Brought to life with 15 enchanting illustrations that complement Carroll’s imaginative landscape.
  • Comprehensive Content: Features a detailed summary, in-depth character list, and a well-crafted author biography to enhance the reading experience.
  • Timeless Classic: A public domain treasure, allowing readers to delve into this fantastical world without any restrictions.
  • Enhanced Reading Experience: Ideal for both Carroll enthusiasts and new readers, offering enriched content for a fuller understanding of this masterpiece.

Step through the looking-glass and tumble into the kaleidoscopic world of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass," where imagination paints the sky with whimsy, and words shape the contours of a boundless universe. In this illustrated edition, readers traverse the mirror's other side along with Alice, the embodiment of childhood curiosity, exploring a realm where dreams intertwine with reality, creating a tapestry of vibrant stories and colorful characters.
The journey unfolds in a chessboard world, teeming with living pawns, philosophical insects, and whimsical twins, all knitting the fabric of a land woven with riddles and paradoxes. Carroll's lyrical prose dances with ingenious wit and playful language, crafting a multilayered narrative that explores themes of identity, transformation, and the inexorable passage of time.
In this timeless classic, every chapter unveils a new layer of wonder, resonating with both young readers and adults, inviting all to question the boundaries of their own looking-glasses. Each of the 15 illustrations in this edition breathes life into Carroll’s fantastical creations, enriching the adventurous voyage with visual enchantment and allowing readers to witness the eccentric charm of the looking-glass world.
Beyond the mesmerizing narrative and captivating illustrations, this edition provides a detailed summary, a comprehensive character list, and a meticulously crafted biography of Lewis Carroll, offering readers an enhanced insight into the mind of the literary genius and the creation of this unforgettable odyssey.
"Through the Looking-Glass" stands as a testament to Carroll's unparalleled imagination, a celebration of the extraordinary within the ordinary, and a gateway to exploring the limitless landscapes of our own imaginations. Whether you're revisiting this beloved masterpiece or stepping into Carroll's magical world for the first time, this edition promises a journey filled with wonder, reflection, and endless possibilities.

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