Persuasion(Illustrated) #799107

di Jane Austen

Micheal Smith

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  • Illustrated Edition:This special edition of "Persuasion" features 20 beautiful illustrations, bringing Jane Austen's beloved final novel to vibrant life.
  • Includes Detailed Summary: Dive deep into the narrative with an engaging summary that captures the essence and emotional depth of the story.
  • Character List Provided: Get acquainted with the memorable cast of characters through a comprehensive list, enhancing your reading experience.
  • Author Biography:Discover the life and legacy of one of the most enduring and well-liked writers in literature, Jane Austen.
"Persuasion": A Timeless Tale of Second Chances and Enduring Love
Dive into the world of Anne Elliot, a woman of quiet beauty and deep feelings, in this exquisitely illustrated edition of Jane Austen's "Persuasion." As Austen's final completed work, this novel weaves a story of love lost and found, set against the backdrop of the British Regency era's societal expectations and the personal journey of self-discovery.
Anne Elliot, once persuaded to reject the proposal of the dashing naval officer Frederick Wentworth due to his lack of fortune, finds her life irrevocably changed when he re-enters her world eight years later. Now a successful captain, Wentworth's return sets the stage for a poignant exploration of missed opportunities, the value of constancy, and the power of persuasion.
This illustrated edition brings to life the elegance, humor, and unspoken desires of Austen's characters, from the vain Sir Walter Elliot to the steadfast Captain Wentworth, enriching the reader's immersion in the story. Accompanied by a detailed summary, a comprehensive list of characters, and a biography of Jane Austen herself, this edition is a treasure for both new readers and Austen aficionados.
"Persuasion" stands as a testament to Austen's unparalleled skill in capturing the complexities of human emotion and the nuanced interplay between personal happiness and societal expectations. It is a story that resonates as much today as it did in the early 19th century, inviting readers to reflect on the choices that shape our lives and the possibility of finding love and fulfillment in unexpected places.
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