Mrs Dalloway(Illustrated) #750371

di Virginia Woolf

Micheal Smith

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  • Special Illustrated Edition: Featuring 15 vivid illustrations to complement Woolf’s intricate narrative!
  • Enhanced Reading Experience: Includes a concise summary, a detailed character list, and a fascinating author biography!
Immerse yourself in the illustrated edition of Virginia Woolf’s timeless masterpiece, "Mrs Dalloway." This enriching edition is adorned with 15 evocative illustrations that breathe visual life into Woolf's exploration of a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway. Woolf's intricate narrative unfolds in the bustling streets of post-World War I London, bringing readers into a world suffused with reflections, memories, and the inexorable flow of time.

The book chronicles a single day in June 1923, as Clarissa Dalloway, a high-society woman in London, prepares to host an evening party. This seemingly ordinary day, however, delves deep into the labyrinthine human mind, unwrapping the tapestry of life interwoven with ephemeral moments, unspoken yearnings, and existential contemplations. Clarissa's narrative, vibrant with the hues of her past, parallels Septimus Warren Smith's poignant journey, a war veteran struggling with his tormented psyche, creating a multifaceted reflection on existence, love, and mental health.

Woolf’s revolutionary stream-of-consciousness narrative weaves through the internal and the external, crafting a world that is as vividly real as it is introspectively profound. This edition enhances your journey through the intertwining lives and thoughts of Woolf's unforgettable characters with meticulously crafted illustrations, breathing visual essence into the realms of unseen emotions and unspoken thoughts.

In addition to the enriched narrative experience, this edition also includes a concise summary, a detailed list of characters, and an engaging biography of Virginia Woolf, offering readers an insightful glance into the life and mind of the illustrious author.

Whether you are a longtime fan of Virginia Woolf or newly venturing into her world, this illustrated edition of "Mrs Dalloway" invites you to witness the dance of shadows and light within the human soul, exploring the eternal symphony of our inner worlds with renewed visual and intellectual fervor.

Embark on this timeless journey through hidden realms of consciousness and the ceaseless flow of life, witnessing the eternal dance of the human soul in its quest for meaning, connection, and self-discovery. Revel in the timeless beauty and intricate tapestry of Virginia Woolf's "Mrs Dalloway," a masterpiece that continues to resonate with its eternal echoes of humanity's unrelenting pursuit of the unseen, the unfelt, and the unspoken.

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