Frankenstein - The Modern Prometheus #615080

di Mary Shelley


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The fascination of the Frankenstein myth remains unbroken to this day. Mary Shelley’s exciting masterpiece explores the limits of our imagination and brings to life an eternal dream: the dream of creating a human-like being.

After years of experimentation, the ambitious researcher Victor Frankenstein has succeeded in creating an artificial human being from dead matter. But the result of his alchemical experiments shocks him to the core. Horrified, he leaves the being to its fate. His desperate search for closeness and acceptance ends in chaos and devastation. As the creature gradually takes revenge on Frankenstein’s family, he decides to hunt down and kill his creature… The first work of a 19-year-old woman was written as a creepy story to be read to her friends. The young Mary Shelley succeeded in writing one of the most famous novels in world literature, which has been asking questions about man’s responsibility for his creation for 200 years now and is still valid today.

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is the second great archetype of the modern horror genre besides Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. In contrast to the Prince of Darkness, Shelley’s main character is not a supernatural being, but an artificially created human being who, through the cruelty and ignorance of his environment, becomes the monster everyone thinks him to be. The really monstrous, on the other hand, are the ordinary people: with their cold hearts and their delusion of having the world under control.

A gothic fiction classic and at the same time one of the great moral stories of European literature.

The size of the eBook is about 200 pages.
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