Ethan Frome(Illustrated) #749983

di Edith Wharton

Micheal Smith

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  • Featuring 15 Unique Illustrations
  • Includes Summary, Characters List, and Author Biography

"Ethan Frome" by the illustrious Edith Wharton is a profound and compelling narrative that dances between the lines of unfulfilled desires and destiny’s inexorable grip. Set against the stark, frozen backdrop of Starkfield, Massachusetts, this timeless novella unfolds the tragic tale of Ethan Frome, a man ensnared in a life of silent suffering and unspoken agony.

Ethan, trapped in a loveless marriage with his ailing wife Zeena, finds his spirit rekindled by the youthful warmth of Mattie Silver, Zeena’s vibrant cousin. The air grows thick with unvoiced longings and silent passions as fate orchestrates a symphony of unattainable love and moral duty. The narrative blossoms in the tension of the forbidden and the moral, the spoken and the silent, leading to a crescendo of emotions and decisions that have the inexorable power to shape destinies.

This special illustrated edition brings to life the haunting landscapes and poignant emotions of Wharton’s masterpiece with 15 unique illustrations, allowing the reader to delve deeper into the frostbitten world of Ethan Frome. The chilling beauty of a world frozen in time is captured in vivid detail, reflecting the relentless coldness, both climatic and emotional, enveloping the characters.

Beyond the profound narrative and mesmerizing illustrations, this edition offers a concise summary, a detailed characters list, and an insightful biography of Edith Wharton, providing a holistic experience for both new readers and devoted fans of Wharton's work.

Dive into the ethereal world of “Ethan Frome,” and traverse through the icy realms of unfulfilled desires, unspoken sorrows, and the inexorable hand of fate. Experience the raw, unadulterated beauty of Wharton’s storytelling, enriched with illustrations, and explore the labyrinth of the human heart in a tale that resonates through the corridors of time.
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