Babbitt(Illustrated) #749992

di Sinclair Lewis

Micheal Smith

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  • Features 20 unique illustrations, visually bringing the story of Zenith to life.
  • Includes a comprehensive summary for a quick catch-up or review.
  • Detailed character list to enrich the reading experience.
  • Contains a biography of the acclaimed author, Sinclair Lewis.
Step into the vibrant tapestry of the roaring twenties with this beautifully crafted illustrated edition of Sinclair Lewis's seminal work, "Babbitt." This edition not only brings to life the bustling cityscape of Zenith through twenty stunning illustrations but also offers readers a deeper understanding of the novel with a succinct summary, an extensive list of its memorable characters, and an insightful biography of the Pulitzer Prize-ignored and Nobel Prize-honored author, Sinclair Lewis.

Immerse yourself in the story of George F. Babbitt, a man who becomes the epitome of middle-class complacency and conformity. As a prosperous real estate agent in the fictitious city of Zenith, he grapples with the American Dream's hollow core and the numbing comfort of material success. Each illustration in this edition captures a pivotal moment from the novel, reflecting Babbitt's inner turmoil and the societal pressures that bind him.

The character list serves as a guide through the social labyrinth of 1920s America, providing context and commentary on each individual's role in the broader narrative. Meanwhile, the biography of Sinclair Lewis paints a portrait of the man behind the story, providing fascinating insights into his motivations and the historical context that shaped his work.

Join Babbitt as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, wrestling with desire for rebellion against the constraints of his orderly, predictable life. This special edition of "Babbitt" is an invitation to reflect on the enduring questions of happiness, individuality, and the meaning of success. Perfect for literature lovers, historians, and anyone who appreciates the intersection of art and storytelling, this book promises to be a treasured addition to any collection.
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