The life of Florence Nightingale #813377

di Sarah A. Southall Tooley

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At a dinner given to the military and naval officers who had served in the Crimean War, it was suggested that each guest should write on a slip of paper the name of the person whose services during the late campaign would be longest remembered by posterity. When the papers were examined, each bore the same name—“Florence Nightingale.”
The prophecy is fulfilled to-day, for though little more than fifty years have passed since the joy-bells throughout the land proclaimed the fall of Sebastopol, the majority of people would hesitate if asked to name the generals of the Allied Armies, while no one would be at a loss to tell who was the heroine of the Crimea. Her deeds of love and sacrifice sank deep into the nation’s heart, for they were above the strife of party and the clash of arms. While Death has struck name after name from the nation’s roll of the great and famous, our heroine lives in venerated age to shed the lustre of her name upon a new century.
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