The Bells of Is, Voices of Human Need and Sorrow - Echoes from My Early Pastorates #623780

di F. B. Meyer

CrossReach Publications

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One of the most popular legends of Brittany is that relating to an imaginary town called Is (pronounced Iss), which is supposed to have been swallowed up by the sea at some unknown time. There are several places along the coast which are pointed out as the site of this imaginary city, and the fishermen have many strange tales to tell of it.
According to them the tips of the spires of the churches may be seen in the hollow of the waves when the sea is rough, while during a calm the music of their bells ringing out the hymn appropriate to the day rises above the waters.
Similarly, as it has always seemed to me, amid the submerged masses, deep down at the bottom of the ocean of human life, there are yearnings and desires for a better life, that ring sadly and perpetually. It has been the aim of my life to listen for these, and where I have detected them, to present the only answer—the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Some of the ways in which I sought to do this during my Leicester life are narrated in this book, which serves to show what may be done in this direction amid the cares of a busy pastorate.
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