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Summary of Will - A Comprehensive Summary

The first three chapters, Fear, Fantasy, and Performance, show us how Will was raised, how he became the way that he was, where he was raised, and what shaped his mindset from the early day.
Chapters four to eight, Power, Hope, Ignorance, Adventure, and Pain show us Will as a teenager and young adult, rising through the world of hip-hop, getting his first Grammy, and “making it.” But chapter nine, Destruction, tears all of it down when Will gets into a problem with the IRS by not paying his taxes, owing millions, and his new album is a failure.
Chapters ten to twelve, Alchemy, Adaptation, and Desire, lead us through Will’s life when he stopped recording his music and got an opportunity to play The Prince of Bel-Air. We follow Will as he quickly rises as a TV star, gets married (and divorced), and becomes a father. Then, he shifted to the next big thing— movies.
Chapters thirteen to fifteen, Devotion, Boom, and Inferno, lays out how Will started becoming a movie star and how quickly he rose to the rank of one of the most famous movie stars in the world. Chapter sixteen, Purpose, shows us how Will got the role of Muhammad Ali and got his Oscar nomination.

To be continued...

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