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Get ready to be inspired by the incredible life story of David Goggins, one of the most relentless and determined individuals you'll ever come across. 

In his bestselling memoir "Never Finished," Goggins shares his incredible journey from a childhood filled with poverty, abuse, and prejudice to becoming one of the most successful endurance athletes in the world.

Throughout the book, Goggins details the physical and mental challenges he faced, including obesity, asthma, learning disabilities, and racism. But despite all of these obstacles, Goggins refused to give up on himself. Instead, he used his pain and struggles as fuel to become stronger and push himself beyond what he thought was possible.

Through his powerful story, Goggins teaches readers how to harness their own inner strength, embrace discomfort, and push through the barriers holding them back from achieving their goals. His message is clear: anyone can overcome adversity and accomplish great things, but it takes relentless effort, discipline, and a never-quit attitude.

If you're looking for an inspiring and motivational read this time, Summary of Never Finished is the book for you! Goggins' raw honesty and no-excuses approach to life will leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle your own challenges head-on.

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