Sean Connery: A Complete Life from Beginning to the End #711266

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History Hub presents a complete biography of Sean Connery from start to end, whose remarkable story inspires us even today.

“Bond… James Bond”—these were the three iconic words that define the career of Sir Sean Connery, a legend of the silver screen who lifted Ian Fleming’s dapper spy off the pages and into all of our minds and hearts.
Connery died at his Bahamas home, where he had spent a long and happy retirement. Even though we hadn't heard from him in a while, his passing will be deeply felt by movie buffs everywhere, especially those of us who were enraptured by his performance as the sultry spy as kids and can appreciate the work of a brilliant actor and man. 

Discover in this short yet concise biography the remarkable story of a life who impacted future generations. This book also contains 30 questions for an in-depth discussion into the life of Sean Connery.

Gather tasteful nuggets from major turn of events:
  • A background into the family of upbringing
  • Education, mentors, and surroundings that shaped the worldview
  • Major hurdles faced in life and obstacles overcome
  • The person behind the fame seen through intimate moments

With the help of this concise biography, readers can focus on the timeline of important events for an overview of a life in a glance! Packed with interesting tidbits and trivia, this book will guide readers into a basic introduction a remarkable life whose story may have lasting effects.

History lovers will love this book as it helps them to:
  • Learn from the major turn of events and its lessons
  • Grasp an overview of a complete life
  • Understand the context related to the backdrop of world situation and events
  • Decide whether continued learning is desired
  • Connect with the person behind the fame through intimate moments shared
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