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Shirdi Sai Baba called himself in the service of God, Servant of God, and Dedication to God, Fakir, and even God himself. Sai Baba took away all sectarianism and promoted unity between Muslims and Hindus, in a turbulent time when the religious conflict between these two groups was fiercer. Sai Baba preached tolerance and gave instructions based on the Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, etc. His followers believe that Sai Baba had miraculous powers; he will still be active even after his death; and that even "from his grave" he will still be working wonders. He said to his followers shortly before his death:
"Trust me, regardless of whether I go. My grave will be your expectation and my bones will give you trust. Not only me but also my Samadhi will speak, ramble, and convey messages to those who wholeheartedly surrender to me. Do not worry that I am not with you. You will hear my bones talking about taking care of your well-being. Always think of me and trust me with your heart and soul. You will be very blessed."
Baba further says,
"Expecting that you articulate my name with fellowship, I will satisfy your yearnings in general and your obligation to develop. If you sincerely sing my life, I'm coming for you, behind you, and next to you, because if you are from heart and soul united to me, you will feel happy listening to these stories. Believe me, if you sing my divine song, I will give you infinite joy and donate eternal joy. It is my special characteristic that I will deliver if you give yourself completely to me, faithfully adore me, always keep me in mind, and constantly meditate on me. How can there still be room for the things of the world and feelings? I will snatch you from the clutches of death. If you listen to my stories, all of your diseases will disappear. Listen to it, consider it, meditate on it, and make it your own. That is the path to happiness and joy. Your pride and selfishness will disappear, your mind will relax, and if you go with all your heart, believing in me and trusting me, you will be one with supreme consciousness.
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