I Need a Smoke - A Memoir #656083

di Leianne McNair


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Leianne McNair, mother of four and grandmother of three, managed to handle the cards that were dealt to her with grace and acceptance. Throughout her life, she experienced what it was like to be impoverished and then was lucky enough to encounter the wealth that Oil and Gas Companies can provide and then back before returning back to struggling financially. She never questioned why, and always did her best to fix things, until the year that her mother became gravely ill, and her mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage- four lung cancer—, things that were out of her control and beyond her ability to fix them. All at once, many unfortunate, very stressful incidents happened around the same time and Leianne found herself overwhelmed with grief and to the point that she knew something was terribly wrong. She learned things about grief that she did not know and how it can rear its ugly head in many different ways and the different ways it shows up.
Not only did what was about to happen to her did her journey become extremely overwhelming, but it also affected her children deeply and the definition of family took on a greater meaning. This is a story of a journey, which nobody wants to take but for those who have, may this book help you realize that you are not alone and somewhere out there is the help that you desperately seek.Edit Back Cover Text
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Leianne McNair