Conversations with past friends of Olivia Newton John Narrated #654264

di & Sussan Evermore Ronald Ritter

Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

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Welcome to the channeling sessions from the old friends of Olivia Newton John who have passed over. Once we pass there is an interactive file left in the Akashic Records that a psychic such as Sussan can access.

There is a great deal of information available to what happened in Olivia's career, however she was a very private person and until now has kept the real person close to her heart.

From her first boyfriend Ian Turpie, we follow her life and career through the words of friends who have passed over.

Olivia's mother gave us a deep insight into the real person behind the image.

There is the surprise revelation about a relationship gone wrong in England, and the moral dilemma she faced as a young woman.
Helen Reddy talks intensely about their early years together and the cancer that consumes Olivia's life. We are certain this information will benefit others in the early stages of breast cancer.

Helen also talks about the enormous difficulty bringing up children in Hollywood, and the detrimental impact it placed on Olivia's daughter Chloe.

The book is a wonderful tribute to Olivia’s life by past friends.
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& Sussan Evermore Ronald Ritter
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