Conversations with Olivia Newton John #659541

di Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

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Welcome to the intimate world of superstar Olivia Newton John, who sadly passed away on 8th August 2022.
Listen as we talk to Olivia directly through Sussan a psychic channeler, as she discusses everything we don’t know about her family, friends and relationships, from the difficult days of life with Bruce Welch in London, to finding her wonderful husband John Easterling, and beyond.
Nothing is spared with the surprise revelation about another relationship gone wrong in England, and the moral dilemma she faced as a young woman with a career about to bloom.
However the most significant discussions we have with Livvy, is about her breast cancer, and most importantly how someone like herself, apparently healthy developed this disease.
She talks in depth about how this cancer occurred, and gives very direct and vital advice to women, wanting to know is there anything that can be done to protect themselves from the onset.
Other than all her friends who have passed on, and talked about Livvy and breast cancer, the most important part of the conversations will be Livvy’s words, from someone who has passed from this debilitating disease. Whatever your thoughts on breast cancer are, her words will be electrifying, as she details what can be done to fortify yourself before the disease takes hold.
Livvy finally reveals who the Hollywood Bad Boy was, who she had a fling with in her autobiography, Don’t Stop Believn', and you may be surprised.
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