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Blending colors is the true story of how I left Europe to join my Nigerian husband in Africa, the challenges and opportunities of living in a new and different culture.
I met my future husband online and then we met in person in Ghana, falling in love with each other. On my first trip to Ghana, I not only fell in love with Gabriel but with the African continent. We got married on my second trip to Ghana and we were supposed to travel together to Romania, so he could meet my family. However, a series of events prevented him from getting the visa. To be with my husband, I had only one option: to find a way to move to Africa. I was lucky to find a suitable job in a short time; I left Europe without regret or thinking about the life I could expect in Africa.
For the first year, my job was in Nigeria, while my husband was in Ghana. We were closer but still living separated. While trying to adapt to the local culture and mentality, a lot of challenges appeared along the way that almost had Gabriel and me separated for good.
Fortunately, I could resume my job in Ghana after one year; getting back to my husband was a process, after we had hurt each other during my stay in Nigeria.
But our love was stronger than our cultural differences and the influence of other people. After a series of conversations and confessions, we got back to each other the way we were at the very beginning of our journey together. We both took our marriage seriously and discussed every issue until it was resolved.
After 3 years of marriage, we applied for his visa to Romania and we were able to travel together. His experience in Romania was no less amazing than my experience in Africa had been.
We discovered that, with true love, understanding and respect, we could overcome all obstacles in our life.
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