Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes: Calming My Jitters at School #717879

di Lindsey Rowe Parker

BQB Publishing

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Do you know a kid who likes to wiggle? 1 in 6 children struggles daily with sensory processing challenges. You probably know one or two! Maybe that is even you?

Get ready for a heartwarming and enlightening journey through the world of sensory differences with the highly anticipated second installment of the award-winning picture book series, "Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes: Calming My Jitters at School." Written by Lindsey Rowe Parker, a neurodivergent mom, and beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Burgess, an autistic illustrator and advocate, this book offers a unique and profound understanding of sensory experiences that will resonate with parents, educators, and children alike.

Join the young protagonist with sensory differences as they embark on a day at school, navigating through new environments with the help of various activities that allow them to regulate their sensory needs. As you turn the pages, you'll gain invaluable insight into how sensory-sensitive children can find solace in wiggles, stomps, and squeezes, and how supportive adults can play an active role in fostering their emotional well-being.

Parker and Burgess's collaboration infuses the book with an engaging and neurodiversity-affirming storyline, promoting understanding and acceptance of individual differences. With delightful illustrations that beautifully capture the essence of sensory experiences, "Calming My Jitters at School" sparks the imagination and helps children find the language they need to express their feelings, ultimately fostering self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Parents, educators, and children with sensory processing challenges will find this book an invaluable resource, empowering them to embrace their unique selves and embrace neurodiversity. This inclusive and heartwarming tale is a must-have addition to any library, school, or home bookshelf, providing a safe and loving space for children to feel seen, known, and loved just as they are.

Praise for "Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes: Calming My Jitters at School":

"I loved the language in this book. It kept my kids engaged and helped us to start useful conversations about the ‘jitters’ my kids experience and how to be thoughtful, compassionate, and inclusive and respond when other kids are experiencing ‘jitters.’ Thanks for a great book for our library!" - Andrea D., Parent

"Finally, a book that explains these jittery feelings! This book will capture the hearts of families and children with unique needs and educate those unfamiliar with sensory differences." — Bridget M., Special Education Teacher

"This is the first book I have come across that provides a very real glimpse into the lived experience of a child with sensory differences. What a wonderful book that so many families can benefit from!" — Caitlyn B., Occupational Therapist

Explore the world of sensory differences with "Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes: Calming My Jitters at School" and join the many families, educators, and readers who are already falling in love with this groundbreaking series. 

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  • Also available in Spanish: "Meneos, Pisotones, Y Apretones Para Calmar Mi Cosquilleo"
  • Wiggles, Stomps and Squeeze:, Calming My Jitters at School
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