Treasure Trove in Bunker Hill (a fantasy mystery full-length chapter books for kids)(Full Length Chapter Books for Kids Ages 6-12) #670216

di Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia

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An important book for readers of all ages, Irvine Press brings quality biographies for kids through engagingly written volumes of true-to-life stories of important figures in history. 

Our message is simple: Dream Big, We'll Show You How.

October 11, 2061
The New Washington D.C.

All their lives, twins Vicky and Vance have watched as treasures from all across the United States get shown off at parties and shows in their home city of Boston. Everything was going well and they dreamed of being collectors themselves someday, until recent months revealed a danger lurking in Boston’s underground. Police reports of smuggling operations make daily news, and thieves repeatedly break into homes to steal high value heirlooms. 

The twins’ parents took all the precautions they could, and yet their family jewels have been stolen. The twins catch a glimpse of the man who did it and vow to track him down. But can they find out where all the stolen goods have been stashed before they’re sold, forever out of their reach? 

Among these biographies, readers will find exceptional and notable men and women across varying disciplines to instill a sense of purpose and goal oriented living from an early age. Discover how each life was shaped and transformed through passion, determination, grit.

Discover Inside This Book:

● The life and work of Joe Garcia
● Difficulties and struggles growing up and as an adult
● Focus on the influence and societal impact
● Vivid illustrations 
● Bonus trivia questions for fun activity

In addition to the life and work of Joe Garcia, a special section at the back of the book includes extras of multiple-choice quiz questions and discussion prompts. Learning about historical figures has never been so fascinating!
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