Thrilling Adventures Among the Early Settlers #661729

di Warren Wildwood

Antelope Hill Publishing LLC

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Originally published in 1861, Warren Wildwood’s Thrilling Adventures Among the Early Settlers is a fun and fascinating foray into the tribulations of some of America’s most beloved folk heroes, as well as ordinary men and women who showed bravery in the face of Indians, wild animals, and criminals. These inspirational and entertaining escapades depict true tales of exceptional men like Daniel Boone and David Crockett, along with storied groups like the Texan Rangers and the Patriot Army of 1776. From colonial, revolutionary, and antebellum times, and spanning across America, these spirited tales have something for everyone. Short enough for a bedtime story, and plentiful enough to read again and again, Thrilling Adventures is perfect for adventure-loving men and boys of all ages.
Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to preserve Warren Wildwood, Esq.’s Thrilling Adventures Among the Early Settlers as a classic piece of American literature to be enjoyed by a new generation and many more to come.  
“Probably the most restless people in the world are the Americans, and for this reason, they make the most troublesome prisoners. They will not settle down to inactivity under any wrong or oppression; they will not bear any burden meekly or tamely; nurtured in the lap of freedom, they chafe fearfully under any restraint; their liberty they will seek at any hazard—they pant for it as for the air they breathe; show them the remotest possibility of accomplishing their purpose, and no danger, no thousand dangers, will deter them from the attempt; destroyed they may be, but not subdued.”
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