The Mystery of the Missing Things (a hilarious adventure full-length chapter books for kids) #670218

di Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia

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Jacob Patterson, a seventh-grade boy from Miami, Florida, together with his best friend, Paul Anderson, were on their way to the Capitol Theatre to watch a theatre play called Matilda, with the rest of the seventh graders and Ms. Amanda Wei, their homeroom teacher. While they were waiting in line for their tickets, Jacob and Paul heard the conversation of Ms. Wei and one of the staff. The staff reminded Ms. Wei to take care of their belongings because there are some reports about missing stuff lately. One of their classmates, Penny, told Paul and Jacob that she heard that the theatre is haunted and there are rumors about a ghost of a young girl who allegedly takes the things of the theater patrons and staff. She also playfully roams around the theatre, according to some people. Penny added that some people hear random noises inside the theater, however they don’t have an idea where it was coming from. Most of the staff believe that the theater has a secret room. Jacob and Paul got interested in the story. When they were busy watching the play, Penny lost her wallet, Paul and Jacob decided to investigate as well whether it was really the ghost of the girl or it was just a mere coincidence. Will Paul and Jacob find the truth about this mystery? 
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