The Adventures of Frenchy the Little Fox and his Friends - 3 Short Stories and Illustrations Read Aloud and Bedtime Stories for Children #669885

di Monica Wagner

Midealuck Publishing

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The Adventures of Frenchy the little Red Fox in the forest. A story and hand illustrated picture book. 
Who is Frenchy the fox? His animal friends say he is the master of the deep and wild forest, that he knows all about the little and large animals that are living there, and that he is a lucky master detective who has revealed many secrets. 
All the animals know that he never gives up on his friends; Frenchy's best friends are Emma the goose, Huge the wild boar and Bambi the deer. Frenchy is the secret helper who is faster than most dogs, silence as a bee, and sometimes even wiser than people. He has shown it all, because he and the children in the village have a secrete bond.
This book includes captivating and funny stories of Frenchy the smart and lucky fox, it also contains beautiful, hand-illustrated pictures suitable for every story.
Find out how Frenchy can finally find his old disappeared friend, Emma the goose , discover how he rescues his new house neighbor a marten, and how Frenchy and his friends find the source of trash in the forest. It's a secret, but if Frenchy really wants, he can even make miracles happen!
This book includes 3 short novels and is part of the larger story collection book: The Adventures of Frenchy the Little Red Fox and his Friends. Fox books for kids such as this one can help your child in many ways, including strengthening the imagination, learning about animals and last but not least learning good human values.
This collection of animal stories is perfect for reading with young children. Your child will love the stories, get your copy now!
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