Thank You, Woman! #813161

di Motorca Cami, Motorca Paul

Dog Legends

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Thank you, Woman!
Early in the morning, when the first spring flowers were sending secrets through the air, there was something magical going on in a cute little house tucked away among the trees that were in bloom. It was International Women's Day, a day full of love, thanks, and surprises!
Come along with Paul, Rey, Ryo, and little Algo as they plan the best surprise ever for Cami and Shiba in this sweet story. Imagine waking up to the smell of a delicious breakfast, seeing a bouquet of wildflowers sparkling in the sun, hearing a poem that sings praises straight from the heart, and being amazed at how shiny rocks and ribbons can be used to make beautiful gifts. 
"Thank you, Woman!" is a story about love, kindness, and the special bond between family members. The little things we do each day, like being there for one another, listening to one another, and supporting one another, serve as a reminder that love is present.
With their loving family around them, Cami and Shiba learn that honoring women's strength and kindness isn't just for one day, but something to do every day. As the sky turns pink and gold, a lantern rises to send their love and thanks to all the strong, caring women out there.
This story is more than just a book; it's a heartwarming journey that teaches kids (and adults!) how powerful love is and how important it is to show appreciation. So, grab a blanket and get ready to be moved by a story that will make your heart sing with happiness and your eyes sparkle with the promise of love and adventure. 
Get your copy of "Thank You, Woman!" and let's help spread love and gratitude!
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Motorca Cami, Motorca Paul
Dog Legends