Surviving From Chihuahuan Desert (Wildlife Survival Stories for Kids Book 2)(Full Length Chapter Books for Kids Ages 6-12) (Includes Children Educational Worksheets) #668403

di Nathan Ford

Nathan Ford

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An important book for readers of all ages, Irvine Press brings quality biographies for kids through engagingly written volumes of true-to-life stories of important figures in history. 

Our message is simple: Dream Big, We'll Show You How.

Two young teenage boys from the Dominican Republic thought they had it all laid out. Gabriel had always wanted to go to the US and live a comfortable life with his family, away from all the poverty he’s been accustomed to his whole life. Rafael, on the other hand, had always dreamed of becoming the next big rapper like his idols. So when the opportunity to achieve their dreams came, they grabbed it right away. It was a simple plan. They would travel with Mr. Chavez, a man who introduced himself as Rafael’s uncle, to Miami. However, they soon realized that he wasn’t who he said he was and they weren’t going to Miami. Instead, they were bound to Mexico to cross the border through a cargo truck. Seizing an opportunity to escape at the border check, they ran as fast as they could. But there was one more obstacle in their journey to achieving the American dream: the vast and treacherous Chihuahuan desert. It is known to be a dangerous path for those who choose to cross it. With the scorching heat and predators on their heels, they must do what they can to survive. Will they be able to escape and cross the border safely??

Among these biographies, readers will find exceptional and notable men and women across varying disciplines to instill a sense of purpose and goal oriented living from an early age. Discover how each life was shaped and transformed through passion, determination, grit.

Discover Inside This Book:

● The life and work of Nathan Ford
● Difficulties and struggles growing up and as an adult
● Focus on the influence and societal impact
● Vivid illustrations 
● Bonus trivia questions for fun activity

In addition to the life and work of Nathan Ford, a special section at the back of the book includes extras of multiple-choice quiz questions and discussion prompts. Learning about historical figures has never been so fascinating!
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Nathan Ford
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Nathan Ford