Shiba's adventure #813156

di Motorca Cami, Motorca Paul

Dog Legends

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Take a very special adventure with Shiba, the cutest and bravest puppy ever, and let her take you far, far away from her cozy park! Say you're following a beautiful butterfly when all of a sudden—oops! You're in a large, open city with skyscraping buildings and fast-moving cars. Shiba, our furry hero, experienced that!
But, hey, what do you know? Shiba is not your typical puppy. She has courage as big as the sky and a gigantic heart! She makes new friends and discovers that kindness is her superpower, despite the fact that she misses her family and feels a little scared.
The story "Shiba's Adventure!" is full of laughs, good times, and many "awww" moments. It shows us that with a little bravery and a lot of love, even little ones can achieve BIG things. 
Will Shiba manage to get home? Will she meet new people and become friends? There is just one way to find out! Let's go on an unexpected journey with Shiba!  This tale, which shows that anyone can be a hero, is a delightful read that is ideal for bedtime stories or a sunny park bench. Take out "Shiba's Adventure!" and join Shiba!
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Motorca Cami, Motorca Paul
Dog Legends