Quit Alcohol like a Woman - How to Quit Alcohol Addiction, Stop Drinking, and Get Back Control of Your Life #627172

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Are you struggling in a loop of hangovers, drinking shame and regret?

Does the thought of quitting drinking overwhelm you?

Are you waiting for that "one day" when you will quit?

This book is designed to help you understand your relationship with alcohol and to integrate your knowledge into your body and mind so that you can free your Self from alcohol.

Deep down inside you may feel this is very natural and understandable because when addiction takes hold it makes you feel incurable and at times feel quite hopeless, a life without regrets even if you are not!

You might see yourself as a drunk or an alcoholic at this present time, but this book has a proven solution to help you quit alcohol. The tips and solutions contained in this book is very useful for both men and women who have become addicted to alcohol.

This book is a discovery of the most up-to-date innovation that brings you freedom, joy, and peace that comes with being free from the grip of alcohol. The good news is you don't have to wait many years as many people did.
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