Muttley's Tale #659614

di Brian L. Porter

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Soon after the Porters adopted the former bait dog, Sheba, they decided to add another Staffordshire Bull Terrier to their pack of rescue dogs. A visit to their local rescue sanctuary saw them adopting a six-month old puppy, part of an abandoned litter that had literally been dumped at the gates of the sanctuary.

They named him Muttley and he was soon assimilated into their canine family. They were't aware at the time, but poor Muttley had not one, but two unusual psychological problems that would lead to this little boy needing special treatment for the rest of his life. Most importantly, they had to learn to cope with an agoraphobic dog. This beautiful dog was quite simply afraid of wide open spaces!

Can you imagine owning a dog that's afraid to go out for walks, or to enjoy running and playing with his packmates? How they learned to cope with Muttley's problem and his secondary issue of being afraid of other dogs is here in his story.

Muttley's Tale is a story of love, understanding and patience, as Brian and Juliet gradually learned ways to bring happiness into Muttley's life, at times seemingly against the odds. Muttley is a real character who, despite his problems, has brought fun and laughter to the family.
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