Mr Mediocre Hare #663292

di Barbara Macharia

Barbara Macharia,

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Hare got a lesson that only he didn't see coming. He thought he was the big shot, but life was a just judge to those he hurt. Although he was brilliant, no one cared about it because he was a pain to deal with. He made everyone angry, and he was also angry himself.

It's easier to learn good habits when young than unlearn bad ones at a later age. This children's book seeks to play out how people become ordinary and live average lives in an attempt to mould children from an early age to become excellent. Mediocrity starts with small subtle habits when left unchecked. It's encouraged by being ignorant of how it manifests in people's daily lives.

I wrote this short story in a simple manner so that it can be read and enjoyed by even the youngest while still passing plenty of valuable lessons.
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