Miranda The Mermaid and The Magic Something - Short Storybook For Kids #564650

di Rosa Voland, Melanie Voland

Treehouse Books

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Miranda The Mermaid has a very happy life with her grandmother, in a beautiful castle, in the underwater lost city of Atlantis.
But because of a tragedy in her past, she sometimes feels sad, and worries that something bad like that might happen again.

Then one day, Miranda notices the difference between a story and a magic story, and discovers a whole new world of imagination and creativity, and a wonderful way to help herself and her people at the same time.

A lovely, deep, meaningful, heart-warming story that they will love, with multiple great themes about life and relationships for kids.

Miranda The Mermaid and The Magic Something is a multi-layered story with many sub-plots and micro-stories about magic and adventure, woven into the main story, that are also designed as story prompts or ideas, to inspire kids, or anyone, to create their own 'magic something' stories.

A unique children's storybook that will also encourage and inspire your child's ability to create their own stories.

This is the simple, short story version, of Miranda The Mermaid and The Magic Something. 

You might like to get the original book, which looks very different and is a much longer, better value, unique dual purpose two-in-one paperback storybook and coloring book, with detailed coloring pages of mermaids and sealife designs with, also illustrations of the story and characters. 

It makes a lovely, special present for kids who like mermaids, colouring books, positive thinking, creative writing, and fantasy stories.

It is available for sale, worldwide, in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, on all good bookstores, and online marketplaces, and you should be able to find it alongside our other books.
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Rosa Voland, Melanie Voland