How To Raise A Backyard Chicken - A Step By Step Guide On How To Raise Chicken From Eggs In Your Backyard #627175

di Maryanne Amber Cohen

Maryanne Amber Cohen

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A novice's guide to controlling the roost and rearing content backyard chickens

HOW TO RAISE A BACKYARD CHICKEN makes it simple to begin raising these surprisingly intelligent birds in your garden. You'll learn all you need to know to keep your chickens happy and healthy all year, from building coops to rearing chicks.

Which chicken breed is best for you? What is the finest material for bedding? Which type of feed should you use? This colorful and pleasant reference book has all the answers you need to raise your new feathery companions.

This chicken-raising book will walk you through:

a) From the chicken to the egg, Learn how to nurture chicks, protect your birds from predators, and introduce new birds to the flock, among other things.
b) Building a bespoke coop- Use extensive backyard coop construction guidelines to build the ideal house for rearing chickens.
c) Expert care advice—Learn how to spot distinct behaviors in your chicken, assist with egg shortages, and confidently traverse a variety of unexpected surprises, among other things.

HOW TO RAISE A BACKYARD CHICKEN can help you start your first flock effectively.
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